• Policy Workshop on Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees

  • Afghan Refugees waiting for their turn for repatriation through voluntary repatriation center Peshawar

  • Afghan Refugees Crossing Torkham Border

  • Afghan Refugees Crossing Torkham Border

  • Afghan Refugee Families leaving voluntarily for Afghanistan

  • Afghan Refugee Families Leaving Voluntarily for Afghanistan

  • International Women`s Day

  • Pak-AfghanT20 Friendly Cricket Match



World Refugee Day 

5pm - 7:30pm
HEC Lecture Hall, Peshawar.


International Women's Day 

9am - 3pm
 Hayatabad Peshawar ,Suriya and Firdousi Schools.


Pak Afghan Friendly Cricket Match

9am - 2pm
Hayatabad Peshawar

Our Goals


Livelihood Assitance

To help Afghan Refugees for their basic necessaties of life and empower them to improve their daily lives.



Help the Afghan Refugees with education , especially Primary  and Secondary  education.


Health and Welfare

Improve the overall health of Afghan Refugees by providing health services and awareness campaigns.

Community Development Unit/ Education

Education for Afghan Refugees in one of the foremost priorities of the Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees Read More

voluntary Repartiation centres

The Voluntary Repatriation Center (VRC) Peshawar is located in Gul Abad, Chamkani on main Grand Trunk (GT) road and remains open from Sunday to Thursday 08:00 to 3:30pm.  The voluntary repatriation of registered Afghan Refugees are daily processed though this VRC.  Upon arrival to Voluntary Repatriation Centre (VRC) Chamkani, the Afghan returnees sign a Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF). CAR’s priorities when it comes to return are to promote enabling conditions for voluntary repatriation; to ensure the exercise of a free and informed choice; and to mobilize support for returnees. In practice, Commissionerate Afghan Refugees KP promotes and facilitates voluntary repatriation through various means, including organizing "go-and-see" visits for refugees; compiling updated information on their country and region of origin Read More


Proof of Registration  Card Modification Centre

Proof of Registration Card Modification Centres (PCM) are situated in Peshawar and Haripur Districts in Khyber Pakhtunkwa. These PCM centres under the supervision of Commissionerate Afghan Refugees KP remained open Monday to Friday from 09:0 am – 05:00 pm. The Centres are run by Government of Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) with support from Commissionerate Afghan Refugees under the partial financial assistance of UNHCR.  Read More


Urban Refugees Cell

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 a large number of Afghan Refugees, which is recorded over 4.4 million, sought refuge in Pakistan. These refugees took refuge in different areas of KP and FATA. The CAR was established to facilitate these refugees on emergency basis in coordination with UNHCR. The refugee villages were established for the settlement of these refugees. Later on Education/CDU/ Health directorates were established to provide services in the concerned fields.

In the past the Government/UNHCR formulated the policies which were emphasized for the refugees residing in camps. After the discontinuation of assistance by the world community and closure of camps the refugees shifted to urban areas for their livelihood. There is no such mechanism for the management of urban refugees as this is the missing link in the refugee framework. Read More


The Project Management Unit is working as centralized entity within the Commissionerate Afghan Refugees KP that is responsible for setting standards, providing guidance/direction, enforcing accountability and establishing discipline in order to manage all projects of CAR in an objective and consistent manner.  All the four Additional Commissioners (i.e. ACR Headquarters, ACR Logistics, ACR General & ACR Security) are under the umbrella of this unit with backstopping support from Commissioner Afghan Refugees KP. Furthermore, the Legal Cell having three legal advisors are also managed by this unit. Its mandate includes to serve as a unit to create a communication and decision making platform for results in Commissionerate-wide efficiencies and synergies.Read More



About CAR

Commissionerate Afghan Refugees was established in 1979 under the Federal Government Orders to facilitate the Afghan Refugees who were crossing the borders and coming into Pakistan to find refuge due to the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

There is a Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees (CAR) in each Province of the country and having the Chief Commissionerate (CCAR) based in Islamabad. All the Commissionerates and the Chief Commissioner work under the Ministry of SAFRON, Islamabad.

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